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A change in ownership needs a fresh design

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My role: UI Designer

Timeline: 1 month




Research Northaire, as well as competitors in the industry.  Start drafting new brand look in logos and early site designs.


Feedback Rounds

Send designs to Northaire, and enter feedback rounds.  Polish logos, site colors, user flows in this stage.  Ensure functionality, and desired pages are in order.



Draft stage 1 designs utilizing current pain points, competitor and customer processes.


Handoff for Build

Handoff final designs to the developer, and work alongside if adjustments are needed.  Compare and contrast the before and after to ensure designs met the pain points from the start.


If I had access to internal site stats, I would compare bounce rates from the old vs new designs to determine if overall enjoyment of the functionality & aesthetic increased.  If I were trying to test for the complexity pain point, I would compare the amount of clicks to find pricing for a kind of pontoon rental, or access to details on a specific cabin, or the clicks it takes to get to actual booking. 


From personally testing the old site, I found myself clicking back and forth in several spots when trying to locate info about cabin dates, or where I could book something, so I can personally attest that the new look gives a much quicker overview of the necessary details for planning a stay at Northaire, and is much easier to read and look at.

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